Product-Market-Fit in DACH

How to gain predictable revenue in the German speaking markets.

LOCATION: your place or online

DURATION: full day

COSTS: €1.600 + travel expenses

DATE: on demand


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This workshop is tailored to software and services companies that want to build a repeatable and predictable sales process that sells to mid-market and enterprise customers in the German speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Product-market-fit is the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand.

Product-Market-Fit DACH Workshop 1

$$$ = Product x Target x Message x Channel x Tactics


This is an in-person workshop led by Alexander Weiss with a single goal: to identify, and to develop your key ingredients to build a successful and scalable sales process:

  • What German market specifics do have an impact on my offer?
  • Who’s most likely to buy my offer?
  • What are the known needs and desired end results of my buyers?
  • How can I create windows of opportunity?
  • My building blocks for a seamless value journey towards my offer?


After that workshop you will have all the ingredients to build a successful sales machine for the German speaking market:

  • What makes my offer valuable, relevant and credible to the German market.
  • What is my ideal customer profile (ICP) and the buyer personas.
  • What is my value transformation story (from known needs to desired end results).
  • Where are we in the problem/solution market adoption curve?
  • What are their alternative solutions – internal and external?
  • What needs to be the message focus?
  • Where are my prospects and what are the best sales channels? 
  • What are my lead magnets and entry point offers for a seamless buyer journey.


All open-minded customer facing people in your company. Management, Sales, Business development, Marketing, and Customer success. A group of 4-6 people is ideal.


The logical next step for you is to take the key ingredients and to implement your sales process accordingly. With the findings from this workshop you shall be able do this on your own but we also have tailored “done for you” services – lead generation and sales is our core business.

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Alexander is a passionate B2B sales man. Before he co-founded ebizzly, he worked for several international software and services companies always in the role of a revenue carrying Sales Manager/Director for the DACH region.

We founded Ebizzly in 2010 and studied how the world’s fastest growing tech companies scale their business. Constantly we take their best practices in omni-channel lead generation and sales, combine them wisely, and adapt them to the specifics of the German speaking market.

I believe that our own sales vehicle is now among the most sophisticated enterprise sales machines found anywhere in West-Central Europe.

Martin Weiss


Since 2010 we’ve helped more than 40 companies to enter and work the DACH market. This is what Goran Kalanj, CEO of Serengeti d.o.o. has to say about us:

"Serengeti went through very dynamic and high growth period in last few years. Around half of our revenue comes from DACH market. Alexander works for us for many years as our sales executive for DACH region. Alexander always had very good and reliable results in customer acquisition. He proved to be able to define sales strategy and then be very successful in implementing it. We have very successful cooperation and we would always recommend Alexander and his team."
Bizxpand Goran Kalanj
Goran Kalanj
CEO, Serengetitech

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